About Us

The future is always what we are moving towards, but knowing where we came from is an important part of making it yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Custom Design Awnings has been about quality and service since the start.

In 1983 we started out on family property in East Ridge, Tennessee as part of Custom Sheet Metal Fabricators to service the needs of building new welded frames for awnings. Frame building quickly lead to full production of awnings and Custom Canvas Awnings was our breakout venture. We quickly moved production to our own building across the street with our offices still together.

Custom Canvas Awnings grew and added more and more products to our choices. We have helped progress the region into realizing the advantages of welded aluminum frames over the traditional pipe-fitted awnings. Custom Canvas Awnings was also the area’s first company to promote staple in covering using SteelStitch products. As the industry progresses, we have done our best to stay up to date and pursue the future of fabric structures today.

Growing with out fabric awning business has been our metal products. With our background in sheet metal, it was a natural fit. Aluminum Step-down awnings and Roll-formed canopies and carports have been a popular product for us all along.

In 2000, we built our building and moved our entire company of Custom Canvas Awnings, LLC. to our current location. Continuing to offer the best product possible, we developed relationships with contractors, architects, and customers that challenged us to step outside the typical awning. With the custom shapes possible with SteelStitch fabrication we have changed the way some look at awnings. The future of fabric awnings is good with new innovations coming about every year. As members of IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Association International) and PAMA (Professional Awning Manufacturers Association) we are able to offer access to the cutting edge of the fabric awning world. Being a licensed and insured contractor we also provide services that take us above the level of a typical awning installation company.

After 2000 we continued to develop our metal awning work and even ventured into some non-traditional materials for production. We moved to add extruded aluminum canopies to our already established roll-formed products, which became popular with contractors and architects. We were challenged to create awnings of polycarbonate and acrylic panels. Standing seam metal awnings and canopies also gained popularity. With our production becoming much more diverse we realized we needed to change our name to reflect that change. As the baton was passing to the second generation, in 2008 we started to do business as Custom Design Awnings.

Progressing to a new era of construction, we work with our customers to develop products and achieve responsibility in our community and to our planet. Having been a part of several LEED certified projects allows us to draw upon our experience in helping customers gain valuable points for evaluation. As we move to the future being environmentally responsible will gain importance and we plan to do our part.

We gain experience with each passing day and we try our very best to put that experience into everything we do. This may seem heavy on the industrial or contracting side, but it is there that we are able to innovate and produce products that all of our customers can enjoy. Products developed for a new office building, might give you an option that helps make your home more energy efficient or protect your business in an appealing fashion. As we grow we will stay committed to the ones that matter, our customers, but forge ahead in ways we never thought possible. I guess you could say…”We have got the future COVERED.”